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Pre-Flight Check Your Financial Plan

Pre-Flight Check Your Financial Plan

October 26, 2020

I’m in the habit of riding my Peloton bike a few times a week. Last time I completed a ride, my numbers just weren’t where they should have been. I thought, “Maybe I’m dragging from lack of sleep (thanks to the recent arrival of baby #2)?”

I could tell I wasn’t as powerful as before, but it felt beyond my control. My contributions of strength, energy, stamina were consistent, but it didn’t show in my numbers. Then I realized, it was geometry’s fault! My seat height was way lower than it should be – six notches lower than normal – and within seconds of raising my seat, my pedaling was more powerful and my numbers began to climb. In fact, I was only eight points from my prior personal record! I felt vindicated that “it wasn’t me” and I’d actually been getting stronger the last few weeks but just wasn’t able to transfer the power efficiently.

For those of you who ride – CHECK YOUR ADJUSTMENTS!

But for all of us, this is a great reminder that a “pre-flight check” is always important even if you think nothing has changed. If I’d had someone checking my bike for me, they would have noticed the change in seat height, and we could have made adjustments that would have produced better results the last few sessions.

Point being? A lot has gone on in 2020, and even though many stocks and markets are in roughly the same place they were a year ago, you might not have noticed how much things have changed for your personal financial situation. As we head into Election Day, it would be a great time to have someone “pre-flight check” your financial plan.

They say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Apparently, if you forget to check your plan, you can fail, too! Your financial advisor should be watching out for the things you might not be. Don’t hesitate to contact the Carey & Hanna team for a pre-flight check. It’s our job to make sure you’ve got as much working in your favor as possible!