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Financial Planning

Personal financial planning is unique to you. It’s designed around what you value most – your lifestyle, your family’s needs, your professional goals, and your long-term dreams for the future. At Carey & Hanna, we collaborate with Avantax Planning PartnersSM – using its Guidance Planning Strategies Program to ensure tax liabilities are a core consideration of your financial plan and that your CPA is involved in its creation. Together, we generate options and alternatives to help you pursue your financial goals.

 Despite common misperceptions, financial planning is not about merely saving for retirement. In fact, our partners look comprehensively at each factor that can affect your financial success. With guidance you can trust and a plan you can understand, it’s easier to make smart financial decisions.

Retirement Planning

Based on your expected expenses, sources of income, and desired lifestyle during retirement, we develop a strategy to produce the necessary financial resources for your golden years. We use robust technology to aggregate your various accounts, outline a plan, and illustrate alternate scenarios such as changes to your place of residence, cost of living, and inflation.

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Cash Flow & Debt Management

Together, we assess your current income, expenses, and accumulated debt – prioritizing how to best spend available cash to pursue your goals.

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Investment Management

We manage investment advisory accounts on clients’ behalf – recommending specific funds, ensuring proper allocation and diversification, monitoring performance, and conducting regular rebalancing. And with in-house real estate expertise, property investments could be a valuable part of your portfolio as well.

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Education Planning

Kids’ private school tuition, saving for college, or even pursuing higher education for yourself can be expensive. We’ll lead you through tax-smart savings options to fund continued learning later in life.

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Business Planning

We’ll help structure your business entity correctly, protect it from future risks, optimize cash flow, and minimize tax liabilities. With experience in a variety of industries, we can also be an asset in streamlining operations and succession planning.

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Risk Management

Growing your wealth requires protecting it. Because it doesn’t take long for an unexpected expense to set you back. So, we’ll evaluate insurance policies to protect your family and finances against future risks – from health, disability, and long-term care to property, casualty, and life insurance.

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Legacy Planning

We collaborate with local attorneys to ensure your estate is protected and assets are passed on according to your plan. We recommend every client have a will or trust as well as a healthcare directive and durable power of attorney, so our team and your loved ones understand your wishes.

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Special Situations Planning

We help anticipate significant potential expenses like home repairs, medical costs, or future weddings, and build them into your budget from the start. No matter how well you plan, however, unexpected financial challenges inevitably will come your way, and we’ll help you adapt as expenses arise.

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