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Legacy Planning

Planning for your long-term legacy is not always a fun exercise. Estate planning requires that you make some tough choices about how to divide your assets and who will care for your children. These are critical decisions to document before it’s too late because without a plan, default decisions might not reflect what you want for your heirs or your estate. Our team and your loved ones need to know your wishes, so we can ensure they’re honored.

 At Carey & Hanna, we collaborate with Avantax Planning PartnersSM to create tax-smart plans for the future of your estate. We work with local estate attorneys on your behalf – including one in our very own office – to protect and pass on assets according to your plan. Together, we’ll make decisions about which legal vehicle best meets your needs, but typically we recommend every client have a will or trust as well as a healthcare directive and durable power of attorney. You took care to build a beautiful family and estate. Legacy planning ensures they’re taken care of after you’re gone.

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