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Retirement Planning

Based on your expected expenses, sources of income, and desired lifestyle during retirement, our friends at Avantax Planning PartnersSM develop a strategy to produce the necessary financial resources for your golden years. Robust technology aggregates your various accounts so your complete financial plan can incorporate your complete financial picture, and your greatest opportunities are reviewed with Carey & Hanna’s tax and accounting advisors to help you make tax-smart decisions.

Using the eMoney software and a collaborative team of professional planners, your Avantax financial planning consultant reviews your retirement accounts, real estate investments, personal property, and other assets to map out your ideal retirement age, annual inflows and outflows, and your probability of success based on anticipated liabilities and expenses tied to other goals. Technology allows us to illustrate alternate scenarios such as changes to your place of residence, cost of living, and inflation, so you can feel confident in a secure and comfortable retirement.

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