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Green Shoots: Hope for Economic Recovery

Green Shoots: Hope for Economic Recovery

September 27, 2022

Green shoots – are one of my favorite natural phenomena. In the midst of one of the worst draughts California has seen in modern memory, we've all been asked to sacrifice and adapt for a better future. Conserving our water resources and cutting back on consumption have become commonplace. As I was on a walk recently, I saw a dead, dry lawn outside of an apartment complex – at first glance, the tanned brown blades appeared a bit sad and dreary. Still, as I looked a little closer, I began to see tiny green shoots making their way through the parched lawn thanks to the small precious amounts of rain we received a few days before.
Much like the economy and inflation, we're dealing with now – it’s pain we’re all being asked to shoulder for the prospect of a better tomorrow. At the recent Federal Reserve's annual Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, chairman Jerome Powell warned that in order to tame inflation, there would be "some pain" for US households.1 Still, this is the type of pain we plan for. We know that there will be rough climates from time to time that we must endure – but if we look close enough, we can see those green shoots in economies and markets.
Stay resilient and keep your focus on the future and your long-range goals – soon, we will have full, lush lawns, sunshine and relief!
In the meantime, remain hopeful and look forward to those days.

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