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The Value of Today’s Financial Advisor

The Value of Today’s Financial Advisor

November 20, 2019

Blog by Davin Carey, Senior Wealth Advisor

I recently had the privilege of attending the Forbes/SHOOK Top Next-Gen Advisor Summit in Detroit. It was a great opportunity to learn with other top advisors from across the country and gain insights on running an effective, growing and modern financial services firm.

However, my biggest takeaway from the summit wasn’t related to practice operations. It was that relationships with our clients go far beyond money management and that young advisors uniquely are able to deliver significant value across generations.

According to The Vanguard Group, Inc., advisors who follow best practices in delivering professional financial services add a potential 3% in quantifiable net returns to client portfolios. This value stems from wise portfolio construction, strategic wealth management and ongoing behavioral coaching. All things we proudly do at Carey & Hanna.

What’s harder to quantify, however, are the dozens of life circumstances – both happy and sad – we help clients navigate. It’s a joy to help clients buy a new car or get the right mortgage for their dream home. It’s difficult, but so rewarding, to walk with them through difficult times – divorce, death or caring for an aging parent. During times of transition, the advice of a holistic financial advisor is even more valuable, and it’s incredibly motivating to make such an impact on clients’ lives. With retirement being one of the most significant shifts in your financial situation, it’s important your advisor not retire before you do.