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Two Articles, Same Day

February 11, 2016

This morning as I was browsing the wires, I noticed 2 articles from 2 different authors on CNBC posted within hours of each other:

CNBC - 'I hate to say' selling going to continue: Gartman

CNBC - Why the sell-off could end soon: Strategist

What I find interesting is the constant desire for eye balls CNBC and other news networks strive for, regardless of opinion or accuracy. 

Recently I came across a “Fun Fact” that sums it all up pretty well: Correlation to CNBC’s viewership and Stock Market Volatility (as measured by VIX). This article is from 2008 but I have seen fresher numbers offline and believe me, the correlation hasn’t strayed much, with viewership peaking right as the stock market was at it’s multi-year low of March 2009 with vewiship dropping precipitously through the following several years when volatility retracted and markets soared (Hey, I figure if CNBC alerts are allowed to use superlatives, why can’t I?).

I’ve attached a piece on recent Market Volatility that may help add some perspective to “now” and please, stay strong – if history repeats itself (or even rhymes), you will be rewarded.

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